Does anyone know of any technical / cloud content ...
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Does anyone know of any technical / cloud content writers? Topics would be in the realm of AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, and similar DevOps topics. I’m specifically looking to start up a blog for my consulting firm ( Have plenty of ideas and would be able to flesh out a bunch of good summaries to kickstart, but I am not interested or have the time in taking the writing process from 0 to 100. I’ve written blog posts a few times on and off over the years, but it isn’t my thing. Any referrals would be much appreciated!
would this be a paid gig?
Yeah of course.
I just edited Charle's work. Can't speak to the breadth of his knowledge: but writing quality was good:
@Matt Gowie I know from one of my lean coffee groups - happy to put you in touch (I don't see you on RLS, so I dont think we have a slack where all 3 of us are...)
@keen That’d be fantastic — please do so! LinkedIn would be great.
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Hi @Matt Gowie I would be interested in writing on those topics. You can few a sample of my work at