Hey tribe, Any tips/templates/thoughts on writing ...
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Hey tribe, Any tips/templates/thoughts on writing up the ROI of adopting an IDP? Thanks in advance!
Hey Kashmira
Hey Kashmira, I usually work back from the average cost of a squad and then make some assumptions about how much time it might save. You might be able to ask some devs how long it takes them to find the info to work our some reasonable assumptions from there.
Thank you!
Cost of delay can be an interesting model to use https://platformcon.com/talk/autonomy-or-chaos-how-to-scale-platforms-in-high-growth-companies Specifically for platform teams, I know of this episode https://getdx.com/podcast/snyk-developer-experience TL;DR;
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(wait time * (dev cost + opportunity cost)) / platform cost
Thanks for bringing this up, Jelmer! I did listen to Crystal’s podcast, the cost of delay model made perfect sense.