If anyone is looking for help in all areas of DevO...
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If anyone is looking for help in all areas of DevOps practices, please reach out to me. I’m available for short term and long term assistance. No project too small! Areas of Expertise • Microservices (migration monolithic to container services on both EKS/Kubernetes and ECS) ◦ Service Mesh ◦ Blue/Green Deployments ◦ Horizontal and Vertical Amazon EKS cluster and pod scaling ◦ Amazon EKS multi-tenant scenarios • Infrastructure as Code (IaC using Terraform) ◦ Policy as Code (Terraform Cloud and AWS) ◦ Configuration Management • GitOps ◦ ArgoCD • CI/CD (Jenkins, Jenkins X, CodePipeline, Others) • DevSecOps (embed security within CI/CD pipelines, image scanning etc) • HIPPA Compliance healthcare related projects • Cloud Governance (Policy as Code on AWS Multi-account strategies) • Modern Application Development in many languages (NodeJS, Python, TypeScript) ◦ API Development and Deployment using Gateways ◦ Native mobile app development (iOS) ◦ Web App Development (AngularJS, ReactJS, SailsJS, Bootstrap UI, and other frontend frameworks)