Hi all, I'm looking for a technical writer who can...
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Hi all, I'm looking for a technical writer who can write well about Docker, proofread articles by non-technical writers for technical accuracy, do some guides and demos, and has a general joie de vivre when it comes to development platforms. If they're not afraid of writing white papers, even better. Can anyone recommend someone? DM me please if you yourself are interested or you have a rec. 😊 I'm happy to talk to people looking for full time or who are just freelancing. And just to say, I'd love to hear from people who don't consider themselves a perfect fit for that list as well, please don't be shy on that account. Happy Holidays!
Hi everybody, I just want to say that I'm very grateful for this community and to everyone who wrote to me about candidates or their own candidacy. It's very much appreciated! 🙏 I think I now have enough candidates to move ahead. This process has been so successful, I will certainly post any future jobs here that I can.