Hey guys, have you tried <Terramate> yet? It’s a n...
# terraform
Hey guys, have you tried Terramate yet? It’s a new code orchestrator and code generator that compared to Terragrunt always generates native Terraform code and doesn’t need to be installed in your third party tooling (e.g. CI). To mention some of its features: • Keep you code DRY: Avoid duplication by easily sharing data across your project. • Code Generation: Generate valid Terraform Code to ensure that you can always enter a stack to run plain Terraform commands. • Stack Change detection: Only execute commands in stacks that have been changed in the current branch or since the last merge. • Module Change detection: Enhanced Change Detection allows to identifying stacks that have changes in local modules. • Execute Any Command: Terramate is not a wrapper of Terraform but can execute any commands in (changed) stacks. • Execution Order: Explicitly define an order of execution of stacks. • Forced Stack Execution: Ensure specific stacks are run alongside other stacks. • Pure HCL: All configuration of Terramate can be supplied in the well-known Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL). Thoughtworks recently started adopting Terramate in some of their projects 🙂 Might be worth giving it a try!