I have been working as Devops engineer with 3 year...
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I have been working as Devops engineer with 3 years of experience. I also have self learnt java development and interesting to move towards where i can work developer contributing to Devops space . Do these kind of roles exists? In short : is it possible to move from Devops automation role to 'Devops development focused role ?
What is the difference?
The answer is probably but the job market right now is not as hot as it used to be. Still 3 years of experience doesn't hurt
Are you considering job market for overall IT or just Devops
I'm not enough an expert on job market data to speak on it authoritatively. But I am in the platform engineering / devops engineering space.
The true meaning of DevOps is that they should be able to write code to automate stuff and not send code to app developers only. The point here is Java which I don’t think you can find a lot of automation teams building automation with Java
Another way to look at DevOps Engineering is that it’s just another software engineering project where the domain is IT Operations (instead of the usual business-related domains). This is a very narrow view but should suffice for the purposes of this thread.
Experience in any Programming Language is beneficial. Sky is your limit and there are so many different dimensions you can contribute to when it comes to DevOps. You could invest time in writing infrastructure code and use your programming skills. As @Aly Ibrahim mentioned, you wont find many use cases of Java in writing automation in devOps , doesn’t mean you couldn’t. There are a number of lightweight and more flexible languages that will always be preferred over Java for writing infra code. Python, Go and even groovy if you are working in a company heavily invested in jenkins. Btw grovvy is a superset of java so if you are using groovy then you can re-use some of your java skills too.
The best teams I have seen working with a true DevOps mindset consisted of mostly software developers with enough knowledge about IaC and cloud architecture. Larger orgs that require dedicated platform/tooling/blueprint/... teams tend to also have software developers with an automation mindset. Honestly have made mostly bad experience with places where people's role descriptions was simply "DevOps" - they tended to be glorified SysAdmins with minimal coding skills that simply netted a higher hourly rater with the more modern sounding title slapped on. In conclusion: I would personally love to higher someone that can write CI/CD, IaC and custom software code in a proper language like Java, at least from a purely technical perspective. It then boils down to the teamwork and communication skills.