Elad Ben-Israel, the guy behind <JSII> and <constr...
# general
Elad Ben-Israel, the guy behind JSII and constructs and much of the CDK, has a compelling manifesto, an new startup (dope website!), and a new programming language for the cloud, Wing. Feels like this statement describe the approach:
But sometimes, “where they are” is not a good enough model for creating the desired experience.
Has anyone started looking at this? Any thoughts on the approach?
I looked into it, still looks very early to judge, but there's also a kind of similar project https://nitric.io/ where you can create and interact with cloud-agnostic resources without a whole new language + compiler regarding wing, I think it currently uses the CDK under the hood, for instance you can compile your wing code to cloudformation
Personally I prefer the "Configuration as Data" abstractions more than a whole programming language, but I'm a little biased because I'm working on https://docx.guku.io/docs/intro because at the end of the day all this code will be used to generate JSON data for IaaS APIs, so why write code and control flow to generate declarative JSON data? (more complexity) this is the closes thing I found to a manifesto about the configuration as data approach https://github.com/GoogleContainerTools/kpt/blob/main/docs/design-docs/06-config-as-data.md
Elad had a history regarding abstraction and simplification, using new concepts to simplify the abstraction of the cloud can make things simplier.
However the cloud is more than the abstraction and simplification, it has many business use cases, -as-code is a way to abstract things, k8s is another way, wish he can find the product-market-fit soon, for now, a better dev experience on as code should have its own market, but it is hard to do right.
and it is already competitive, terraform first make is more market friendly, but I doubt even terrraform has its own challenge on standardization, every enterprise just has its own ways of defining the cloud. Love to hear more people how they define the cloud usage.