# platform-culture

Fernando Villalba

01/11/2023, 11:38 AM
I love how candid Basecamp/Hey blogs always are, never concerned about playing into the narrative or following the herd, just say what you feel and don't be afraid to go against the current. Whether you agree or disagree with their opinion, I admire their approach.

Arie Heinrich

01/11/2023, 2:03 PM
His pain is felt by many but he has the balls to place a mirror in the face of the industry.

Hugo Pinheiro

01/11/2023, 2:37 PM
It was a interesting post, the thing with Suse is they fashion themselves a bit after Redhat which is helping enterprises/goverment agencies be compliant and focus on solutions to that market, usually that space has money to invest because they have very specific needs, so someone like Suse can dictate the price, for their needs they should have reached out to Canonical or even the team.
Both Redhat and Suse are also very opinionated when it comes to their stack and do a lot of Redhatisms/Suseisms on their software stack ( Sometimes that can be a good thing, most times not )

jonny s.

01/11/2023, 5:32 PM
are we saying that disliking opaque enterprise pricing is controversial? because i joined a support group for people that hate it years ago. it’s called “everyone.” we meet at the pub.

Wayne Allan

01/12/2023, 3:55 AM
I’ve always thought predictable transparent pricing would be a strong differentiator in the cloud market. 🤷

Dirk Jablonski

01/12/2023, 11:27 AM
Good joke! 😂 How transparent is pricing if you have 25 different ways to get discounts (or not) 😉