# product-management


01/13/2023, 11:51 AM
Hello 👋 I am searching for feedbacks regarding roadmap progress communication, do some people here have feedbacks regarding: • How to share roadmap progress regarding the delivered features on DevXP/ platform ( release press?)? • What is the best way to that? • How to give the visibility regarding the up coming changes? • Also how to collect feedbacks regarding that and improve engagement? I am open for any inputs 🙏

Bryan Ross

01/13/2023, 4:15 PM
My only advice would be to over-communicate. • Maintain a marketing website and provide updates / deep dives into new features. • Have your engineers write blog articles for your company intranet on how to use a new feature or how they overcame challenges. • Hold a regular “office hours” session on Slack where people can drop in to ask questions, get updates, etc. • Send out a monthly newsletter via email to all your users/stakeholders highlighting whats happening on your platform. • Host a mini conference once a quarter, with platform updates, presentations from one or two of your users, and perhaps external orgs to advise on new trends / tech / etc. • Hold internal quarterly business reviews with leadership and finance to highlight the benefit of your platform and the costs that have been saved versus every team building their own. • Present at conferences to tell your story to the world. It’s a great opportunity for engineers to share their story; get some validation of all their hard work; engage and share ideas with others; and come back with a new energy to achieve more. One of the best recruitment/retention tool in my humble opinion. • Anything else!
You can receive feedback in many of these types of sessions too. You may get better info from an annual or 6-monthly anonymous feedback system. Really think about what questions you want to ask and how to make it easy for users to answer. Advertise the survey as “10 questions that will take 2 minutes” or something similar. Remember to include net promotor score metrics.

Andrew Fong

01/13/2023, 6:28 PM
You can also instrument
One thing that people really forget is that you can add analytics and tracing to the entire workflow
Its really easy to understand where time is going at the system level and use that in conjunction with sentiment. New solutions probably will emerge

Ben Voss

01/19/2023, 4:50 PM
Hi @Farah CHABCHOUB -- what do you currently do now and how successful has it been?

Jay Cuthrell

02/06/2023, 1:27 PM
I have enjoyed the example set by the Edge Metal team (formerly Packet) at Equinix