If you’ve tried (successfully or not) embedding De...
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If you’ve tried (successfully or not) embedding DevX devs in other teams, I’d love to hear what worked and what didn’t 🧵
My team is planning to try embedding this year as a way to build stronger relationships with our dev customers, and get better insights for our roadmap. We have lots of questions about how to make this work, like: • how long should we be embedded with a team - is a week too short, can it be effective without being months • how much should the DevX dev “walk in the shoes” of the embed team (doing some of the actual work of the team) vs doing DevX-type work for the embed team • Should the DevX dev be 100% focused on the embed team, or does it work to spread themselves between the embed team and the DevX team • How important is it to formalize the embed experience - should there be specific plans/goals/boundaries defined before the embed starts Looking forward to hearing what others have tried
Interesting approach and could solve some of the common issues DevX teams have with product team engagement. I’ve have had great success doing the reverse of this approach: taking a fractional amount of time of dev teams to build a community of excellence that provides the some of horsepower for DevX efforts by workload. This solves some of the basic problems platform teams have - figuring which issue teams needed solving across a large patch of the org, established best practice to build a golden path, and built the engagement needed to get them to adopt and be invested. And it set the stage for a nice flywheel between dev teams and the platform teams. What specific problem are you trying solve?