Hey peeps. I had a hard time setting up OpenTeleme...
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Hey peeps. I had a hard time setting up OpenTelemetry tracing with Go (I’m a Node.js dev). Once I finally wrapped my head around it, I wrote this tutorial to explain it to myself as simple as possible. It includes using observability-driven development. Would enjoy hearing what the community thinks about ODD and if it is viable to extend the existing TDD toolset. https://tracetest.io/blog/observability-driven-development-with-go-and-tracetest
Nice, I'm super interested in this, and how you see devs using it alongside DT use cases in debugging prod environments. Would they use tracetest for this as well? Or a different UI/data set?
Hey @John Kinmonth! You can use Tracetest for testing prod as well. As long as you connect Tracetest to the trace data store where your prod traces are stored, running a tests against prod will pick up the distributed trace for that HTTP transaction and give you spans to assert against. It’s cool because Tracetest also has a CLI you can configure to run tests in your CI/CD pipelines. Catching issues before even going into prod is also a nice use case here. I’d be thrilled to talk more about this with you!