Hi everyone, I'm Eng Manager of 2 squads that work...
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Hi everyone, I'm Eng Manager of 2 squads that works in a platform way. So, I'd like to understand how you like with the TOIL of the internal team (developers). We use Slack and Jira, for communication and project management, and today I've been using Zapier to integrate both and attend to the developers, measuring the time spent with support in Jira. But to configure all this process is pretty manual, so anyone here works with a similar process or have some different way?
I am working in a team of ~8 Platform Engineers, supporting ~20 developer teams.
How we handle so many developers with such a small team is Self-Service
We use different techniquest to achieve that
we use golden paths to allow creation of microservices
we create logging and monitoring platforms and train developers to use them on their own
we share responsibility for CI/CD pipelines and application configuration
we use templates to allow teams to create infrastructure for their services on their
this allows us to spend 75% of time on our projects
and 25% on support
we resigned for jira for anything other than PROD DB change requests
we keep a slack channel with each team
and all the conversations and requests are there
each channel is monitored by one of our engineers
does that help?
Hi @Krzysztof Wrobel We use a pretty similar strategy here, thanks for share. I have just one question about what you said. Why you have a slack channel with each team instead of a unique to all teams?
Having a separate channel per team allows us to be more focused on a certain domain and more agile on how we do the support.
in each developer team, we designated some developers that receive additional training and additional permissions and they are responsible for providing this initial, first line support for other developers in their team
at the same time this allows us to dedicate platform engineers to different teams
so Platform Engineer 1 is supporting only Team 1, Team 2 and Team 3, Platform Engineer 2 is supporting Team 4, Team 5, Team 6
this way Dev Teams have a single point of contact in our team
and our engineers have a narrow scope to focus on, and it's easier for them to learn the domain
we also take into consideration our team composition and seniority
so only Mid and Junior Platform Engineers are assigned to this support
let's call it Level 2 support
and Seniors and Architects serve as Level 3 - they help rarely, and only on difficult cases
Hi @Krzysztof Wrobel thank you for explain, it make sense. Your strategy remember an account manager from Big companies, which gave me some insights.
It is basically how ITIL support levels work - nothing fancy 🙂
I hope it will help you 🙂