Hi All, I'm curious if anyone has any good resourc...
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Hi All, I'm curious if anyone has any good resources on how organizations are drawing lines of responsibility for platform engineering teams vs what the engineering teams are individually responsible for? One of the areas I'm particularly interested in right now is mobile app deployment. We have most of it automated but there are a handful of steps still required and a short manual verification process. Are other platform teams taking ownership of this or having the engineering teams be responsible?
In previous lives we vacillated back and forth here for an app that had 1B+ clients (desktop + mobile). The best I can say is that mobile is very specific and we got better alignment early on by having it vertically integrated. Later we standardized some things - esp as AWS launched OS X systems etc.
What we found was that mobile was less mature in their operational ecosystems and had vastly different requirements so vertically integrated made more sense. No silver bullet and a place to not be dogmatic
This has changed over time so if you’re a mobile only shop probably having a mobile platform makes sense 🙂
Thanks for the insight Andrew!