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Fokke Dekker

01/26/2023, 5:31 PM
We are hosting an AMA today with Jon Skarpeteig about his experience building the developer platform of Signicat. Thought this community might enjoy it. You can tune in at 10 AM PST / 12 PM CST / 1 PM ET / 7PM CET AKA 30 minutes from now 🙂 Webinar Link: Description Jon Skarpeteig is the Tribe Lead, Global Platform for Signicat, a digital identity solutions provider. After multiple acquisitions, Jon was faced with a serious challenge — supporting several different internal infrastructure and engineering platforms across different teams. In order to support so many people and providers, Signicat needed to build a unified platform that could serve the entire organization and all its unique needs.In this AMA, we’re sitting down with Jon to discuss the process of building Signicat’s internal developer platform including the decisions he made, the challenges his team faced, and the tools they used.