# jobs


01/27/2023, 9:03 AM
At we are searching a Senior SRE => <= • Fully remote (team is distributed across germany, sweden, india, croatia - there should be at least 4 hour timezone overlap with german working hours) • Autonomous working environment. You will be leading your own projects without me (I am the head of the team) micromanaging your day2day • Flexible Vacation policy • Get-things-done environment. We default to building things in a faster fashion and actually get projects done and to the customers. • Millions of monthly active users on the site • Project we are currently tackling: Migrating all our k8s resources to a GitOps approach (using ArgoCD, sorry Flux folks) Tech • k8s • terraform • Google Cloud (fine if you don't have any experience with it as long as you can work with tf) • golang