I’m helping coordinate a golden path document at m...
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I’m helping coordinate a golden path document at my organization, are there any open source examples of this?
Hi Kevin! A number of options come to mind given what I’ve seen with orgs using golden paths in their day-to-day. Can you expand on what kind of document and who the audience would be? Is this meant to be functional documentation (a playbook engineers can use to get off the ground); informative (explaining a particular golden path that a broad set of roles would understand and engage with); persuasive (why should the org transition to using golden paths); or maybe something else entirely 😀?
Golden Paths are like any other engineering project. There’s nothing special about defining one, they should be defined based on principles and outcomes and working backwards from a goal.
Thank ya'll, I'm looking for examples of all sorts. At a high level, it will contain a defined set of principles and outcomes, but at the low level, I'd love to end up with something akin to a step-by-step guide to deploy a backend service. So both the informative and functional, I feel pretty well persuaded 👌. I have a vision for what I think we need, but I'd love to see the various ways other organizations have drafted theirs. Thanks @Andrew Fong, that's a popular article from searching this slack. I like that it lays out the principles with many of the concrete examples.
super interesting @Andrew Fong - ty for sharing
Something that is working well for us (small company, ~16 people in engineering) is focusing more on working examples / demos / standard implementations (using a monorepo in our case, but libraries and microservice shells work too). My first instinct, coming from a larger company (1000s of engineers), leant more to documentation/definition. But with a smaller, more sync, culture more interactive is working well. I've been thinking a lot about the balance between "alive policy" (ie do you follow the golden path) and avoiding "dead policy" and using policy/documentation to try and make the change you want to make happen happen. Sometimes only by painting a vision do you get people engaged enough to point out the blockers to achieving it. I'm getting better at balancing the two and not getting to far ahead of myself.