Hey gang! :i_love_you_hand_sign: Komodor’s latest...
# kubernetes
Hey gang! 🤟 Komodor’s latest open-source project, Helm-Dashboard is generally available with the release of V.1.0.0 Coincidently at the same time the project crossed 3K stars on GitHub (and hundreds of daily active users), only three months since it was released! Some of the cool new features you can expect to see in the new version: • Auto-update repositories when installed into cluster • The ability to reconfigure charts without access to their source • Specifying multiple working namespaces • Self-sufficient binary, no helm/kubectl requirement • REST API documented • As always, we welcome everyone to provide feedback and suggestions on the project’s roadmap on our social channels, GitHub, or the Slack Kommunity. We’ve even created a user survey form to make it easier on you 🙂