Kais Salhi

02/06/2023, 8:21 PM
Hi folks, Question: Is it good idea to include cloud services catalog part of IDP? From your experiences, what do you think? Note: large company more than 10000 employee? Thanks🙂,

Asaf Erlich

02/07/2023, 12:20 AM
What features do you want to provide? Who needs it? The short answer is probably yes but when to prioritize it depends on stakeholders

Odys Liu

02/07/2023, 3:19 AM
Depends on your users. For me, readiness of service is more important.

Clemens Jütte

02/07/2023, 8:02 AM
The main work is going to be the preparation of the default service configuration on the cloud side for e.g. backups, security, etc. . The “catalog” part is just a fancy interface on top of that. There are some people who’re going to like it. There are going to be developers who hate it 🙂