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Ash Kamel

02/07/2023, 10:53 PM
Hey everyone 👋 My team at Zip a (BNPL provider) is looking for a Senior+ Software Engineer that could help join our Engineering teams tackle some interesting challenges within our engineering organization. We heavily rely on Eventsourcing, CQRS and event driven patterns within our architecture to keep transactional integrity and provide a scalable platform for the billions of events that flow through our system. Now that we’ve grown to a certain size and maturity we will be investing more heavily in this architecture to scale us in this next phase of the company. Some interesting problems we will be looking to tackle. • Implementing a data archival and snapshotting strategy to reduce the size of our Event Sourcing database (EventStore) • Improve the performance of our projections libraries and other core libraries within our platform. • Simplifying areas of our engineering architecture to reduce areas of complexity (DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Ports and Adapters) while still maintaining our current levels of performance. • Improving our engineering tooling and developer experience by implementing frameworks to improve our testing strategy (component, integration, unit testing); and finding and creating ways to improve faster feedback loops for our engineering teams. If this seems interesting to you please feel free to see more details about the role here or reach out to me via DM.