Hi Guys!!! I need to use AWS and a GitHub App to b...
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Hi Guys!!! I need to use AWS and a GitHub App to build a CI/CD solution for a customer who has multiple GitHub organizations. They : • want to run pipelines in their AWS account with AWS Services • want to add more Github organizations to the CI/CD using Github App in the future [I'd say that this is more important requirement] Does anyone have any experience doing sth similar or does anyone know about any open source tool that I can use to achieve this?
They can use CodePieline and CodeBuild for the building part if they want to do it using AWS Services
Are they gonna be the GitHub Organizations Owners?
It does not look like you can create an org through the API. https://docs.github.com/en/rest/orgs/orgs?apiVersion=2022-11-28
just wondering why they want so many Orgs? Seems easier to manage in a mono with teams for access to repos.
@Aly Ibrahim @Tom Printy I think they're looking to provide it as a service to their customers. Sth exactly like Travis CI but using AWS Services.