<!here> We launched Platform Engineering Slack jus...
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<!here> We launched Platform Engineering Slack just over a year ago. Hard to believe we are closing in on 10k members now. This community rocks, thank you for being a part of it! We want to celebrate this milestone together👇 Let’s meet on February 28th, 6pm CET | 11am CST for a Fireside chat moderated by Luca Galante and The New Stack podcast host Jennifer Riggins. We will discuss with some of your beloved community members @Ramesh Nampelly and @Hugo Pinheiro: - Platform engineering: why now, where does it come from, what's next - Why such a community is needed - Community needs, wins and things you long for After a Fireside chat, community managers @Luca Galante, @Giulia Guizzardi and @Karolina Junčytė will be on Slack #general channel for a 30 min Q&A. Register now, to have the chance to win SWAG from the Platform Engineering Store (https://platformengineering.org/store) and an entry to the next House of Kube (https://houseofkube.com/) event! https://www.linkedin.com/events/platformengineeringslackhits10k7031732358399561728/about/
Congrats 🎉