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02/21/2023, 12:13 PM
Work for the biggest movie search engine globally. Millions of requests, hundreds of countries, and you get to keep that thing running. Join my team as (Senior) Site Reliability Engineer at JustWatch. We are ensuring that JustWatch is available and snappy for all our users around the globe. Plus point if you are a movie geek ;) Some would say this role is a mix between DevOps & SRE as you will be helping developers do their best work, but from how I read the SRE manifesto it actually is the core of the SRE mentality: Help others to build great things, and jump in building yourself from time to time. We give you great freedom to push projects forward yourself, no Standup, no Scrum or other artificial processes. Let's make stuff work and not care about processes around it. This might be a bit chaotic from time to time, but that is the price for the freedom to actually work on things that have impact in the company. Few notes - Team of four - You will touch k8s, TF, GCP daily - Fully remote (4 hours overlap with 10am-7pm CET required) - JustWatch is bootstrapped & profitable Thanks for giving the time and reading this. Would be awesome to talk to you soon! Simon Frey - Head of Infrastructure @JustWatch p.S. Please apply via the attached lever link. As long as that links works, we are still searching. I won't be able to answer all Slack messages here. p.p.S. If you feel like you might be a little weak on the tech but bring great attitude, please apply nevertheless! We don't search for a checklist, rather for someone driven.