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Do not miss Today at 7PM CET/12 PM CST our webinar "Manage secrets in Kubernetes using GitOps without compromising security" with @Rajith Attapattu, _CTO at Randoli and @Andre Adam_*,* Software Engineer at Randoli_._ Managing secrets is an essential consideration when you adopt Kubernetes. There are several approaches to storing and correctly using secrets while following a GitOps approach. These improve the coordination between your developers and platform / SRE teams without compromising security and while getting the full benefits of GitOps. Webinar participants will learn: • Different options available when handling secrets in Kubernetes • How we evaluated the options, the pros and cons of each and why we selected the External Secrets Operator • How we implemented the External Secrets Operator with HashiCorp Vault and the lessons we learned in doing so After a 30 minutes talk, there will be 15 minutes for Q&A. We’d like to encourage you to submit your questions in advance. https://www.meetup.com/platform-engineers-atx-online/events/291092362/
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The first one is helm chart for secret manager and the second one is operator. I wanted to know these two types of installation.. Eg: Secret manager https://secrets-store-csi-driver.sigs.k8s.io/getting-started/installation.html External secrets operator https://external-secrets.io/v0.7.2/