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Adam Dean

02/25/2023, 9:25 AM
Hey everyone; posting here and browsing through as I'm looking for something to start in the next few months. I'm primarily an infrastructure platform/automation engineer with experience of all three major clouds, OpenStack, and Kubernetes (as well as associated bits) to a greater or lesser degree. I'm after the next challenge involving something related to building platform and cloud-native solutions in a range of capacities, engagement and advocacy included, preferably UK (North West) based but I'm not married to location as long as remote is an option. I also write quite extensively (published) and ethically focused work is a big plus. There's no mad rush for me so I can work to anybody's timelines, and I would like to find something in which I fit well, and which fits me. My LinkedIN is Happy to accept direct messages, CV available on request. Or just hit me up if you fancy a chat about tech, always open to that.