# general

Christina Harker

02/28/2023, 12:01 PM
🎧 Hi all, last week @Jeremy Hartley asked about podcasts. We actually just started doing a series giving podcast rundowns for different topics (security podcasts are soon to come!). The first one is up here and it's broken down by who it's suitable for, topics, affiliation and hosts, with add'l details on each of 15 different podcasts so you can have a bit more of an insight to what it's like before you invest in listening. Thanks to 🌟 @Lois for pulling it together! Hope this is of use to folks looking for a good new listen. πŸ™‚

Jeremy Hartley

02/28/2023, 2:11 PM
Thanks Christina. If you make a couple more of these I would be happy to see them on more developer side of things

Aaron Delp

02/28/2023, 9:16 PM
Thanks for the mention! Always happy to support the community (and we’re always looking for content and guests!)

Christina Harker

03/01/2023, 9:24 AM
@Aaron Delp Our pleasure! And I will ask around Divio in case there's someone I can propose as a guest. Will be in touch if so. πŸ™‚ And no worries @Jeremy Hartley, we got you covered! I think the Security list is gonna be more dev-centric.

Jay Keshur

03/02/2023, 4:28 PM
another one to add to the list that i co-host: We're always looking for guests so please get in touch if you're interested!