# general

Stefano Magni

03/03/2023, 9:02 AM
But… anyone is in the frontend (frontend web dev) side of the Platform teams here? 🙂 🙋

John Kinmonth

03/07/2023, 12:22 AM
This is definitely an under-discussed area in these parts. Would love to hear what you're working on/insights.

Stefano Magni

03/07/2023, 8:27 AM
I maybe will share a dedicated article but the gist of it is 1. We do not have a Product Manager in the platform team 2. The Hasura Platform team counts 11 members 3. The frontenders of the Platform team are 3, serving more less 12 other frontenders in the company 4. Because of the previous point, we cannot focus on DX stuff only but also on complex features or features that do not fall under the other teams’ umbrella 5. Last but not least: Hasura is a backend company, everyone (literally everyone, CEO, EMs, sales, PMs) are backend devs No frontend culture+no PM means that we are alone creating our own plan. We then interviewed all the frontenders and the EMs to understand that are their problems (engineering-related problems) with the Hasura Console (the biggest frontend product we have), then we presented our own plan to the higher-ups asking them to provide us Product-oriented feedback and mix them to create a roadmap for 2023. The first big thing we did is migrating the monorepo to Nx.
(I then removed the screenshot I originally attached since it could potentially, broadly, etc. share some confidential details 🙂 )