Hi everyone, we’re planning to grow our Germany-ba...
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Hi everyone, we’re planning to grow our Germany-based but remote-first backend and platform teams this year in Bitly’s QR Code Generator Pro product. The platform is mostly AWS-native, currently written in PHP + Yii & Laravel and NodeJS. We’re planning for significant refactoring and rebuilds this year though, so that’ll potentially change — bring your experience and help shape the new architecture! The first roles are listed but we’re starting the conversations for additional staff as well. Fullstack, Backend or primarily Platform-focused? Check out the first listing or drop me a message and let’s chat more about our ambitious (but comfortably paced) roadmap. https://boards.eu.greenhouse.io/bitly46/jobs/4097706101 https://boards.eu.greenhouse.io/bitly46/jobs/4135718101