Pardeep Bhatt

03/04/2023, 7:56 AM
Hello everyone, myself Pardeep Bhatt from India and i am currently working as a Software Engineer in GoTo(formerly known as Gojek). I work in Engineering Platform team where as a platform team we unifies/develop/manages all the products being used internally in the Gojek. Currently I am working on a initiative called cloud modernisation program with the help of google cloud team, where we are making tooling around how our infrastructure provisioning should happen on cloud and setting standards around it, under this initiative i am primarily working on IAC(Infrastructure as code) stream, where we have developed a number of terraform modules for cloud resources and using atlantis as a gitops framework we provision our infra, looking forward to engaging with all of you.

Liora Milbaum

03/04/2023, 9:42 AM
Hey Pardeep. Nice to e-meet you. I looked at Atlantis briefly few months ago and didn't find its value. Maybe I didn't look at it with the right glasses. Could you please clarify with it is better then invoking terraform commands directly in CI?

Pardeep Bhatt

03/04/2023, 11:24 AM
Hi Liora. I have attached a image below to clarify on why it is better then invoking terraform commands directly in CI. I am not saying that what we can achieve with with atlantis is not achievable from normal CI/CD, but then those things will need to managed by developers, which comes as an extra work for first to build those things. also one more thing to add you can monitor as well for what is going with your infra provisioning process, how many plan failing, apply failing, time take for running plan/apply etc etc. let me know what do you think of these points and happy to discuss more on this. workflows -> atlantis_workflow ->