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Matthew Schillerstrom

03/08/2023, 9:54 PM
blob waver Hey all! We are 1️⃣ week away from the 3rd annual 🎡 Chaos Carnival 🎪 on 3/15 & 3/16 -- and it's FREE! 🔥 The schedule has a wide range of speakers, topics, and CNCF projects that involve shift-left reliability testing using chaos engineering. Why is that important for a platform? As a former engineer at Target, I helped enable chaos engineering as a self-service quality check in our delivery platform. This helped engineers confidently deploy their idea to a customer, knowing they wouldn't degrade the system's reliability or cause a future incident by invalidating the triggers in resilience mechanisms. If you are an engineer - get practical hands-on community advice from all over the world and various cloud provider platforms. If you are a leader or product person - learn why you should enable your engineering teams to experiment, learn from failure, and help drive resilience in their system and build a better team. Can't make it? Sign up - get some swag - and we'll send you the videos to watch later! Rumor has it we might go on Netflix with a Chaos-Monkey mini-series.... 🐒