Raquel Pau Fernández

03/09/2023, 3:11 PM
Hello 👋 We are still hiring at Moderne looking for somebody that is interested to create new developer workflows for automatic code remediation (e.g github suggestions) and simplify how platform teams can onboard into our product. We are a fully remote company and we are looking for somebody that is based in Europe with some previous experience in a developer-productivity team. We offer US base salary and you can be hired as a contractor or using the official contract for your country. The job details are in this Linkedin offer. If you are interested to understand much better what we do, you can find more info in this post.

Stefano Magni

03/10/2023, 9:19 AM
Very interesting, I did not know about Moderne, thank you 🙂

Ian Maru

03/11/2023, 1:21 PM
Awesome. Looking forward to the reality brick.

Raquel Pau Fernández

03/13/2023, 9:22 AM
In our public instance we have loaded more than 30k of open source repos. You run recipes to refactor them and experiment with the UX. If you want to play with your own repos, you only need to request a demo. At this moment, specially for security reasons with large enterprises, we only support deployment in their cloud instances.