Hello everyone, I am Prasanna a CS grad student at...
# intros
Hello everyone, I am Prasanna a CS grad student at UMBC. I graduate in summer 2023. I did an internship experience at GreenOps in summer 2022. Where i have worked with grafana, prometheus and argo to build a test suite for stress testing, stretch testing and persistence testing of the platform, and finally monitor them by building dashboards. I have also recently got my AWS associate developer certificate. I am proficient in python and have understanding of CNCF tooling and devops methodologies. I live in Baltimore, Maryland and I am currently actively looking for full-time SDE/DevOps opportunities starting from June 2023 anywhere in US. I am international student on F1 visa and will be on OPT after that. I am interested to connect with people and talk more about myself and share my knowledge and resume. I kindly request the community to let me know if there are any opportunities that i can look for and apply. You can reach out to me via slack or at sathwikvadlamani@gmail.com Thanks & Regards, Prasanna, Vadlamani