# platform-leadership
https://theplatformspace.substack.com/p/interviews-in-space-meet-jelmer-borst? Sharing this here. also does anyone here in a platform engineering product role? would be keen to get to know and learn from you. I'm a program manager supporting platform teams as an assignment, and keen to also evolve my role (as its a need) to a more product manager role.
Happy to chat and share my experience. I currently work as a platform PM
If you'd like an open source flavour, I'm happy to be part of the series. I am currently Chief Evangelist for Cloud Foundry. Working on keeping platforms operational for Vm-based and Kube-based infrastructure.
I interviewed Jelmer before, and just did another podcast interview specifically on Platform PMs: https://engineering-enablement.transistor.fm/episodes/bringing-a-product-management-discipline-to-platform-teams-russ-nealis-plaid