In SF next Tuesday, we're hosting a breakfast talk...
# platform-leadership
In SF next Tuesday, we're hosting a breakfast talking about the state of DevOps/Platform/DevEx with Rob Zuber - CTO of CircleCI and a bunch of other fun people - part of the SF CTO Summit. All free to attend. Feel free to sign up with invite code "platform" if you'd like to participate and I'll try to get you a slot!
Amazing Speaker lineup! 🙌 Josh is amazing, know him from my time at Pivotal Labs!
Josh is awesome, I love hearing experiences from Christine Spang - CTO at Nylas. Barr Moses is just awesome (CEO, Monte Carlo), Kit has great stories to tell as CTO at VMWare, Rob Zuber always has great data and opinions on platform and teams, It's really just an excuse for me to learn from my favorite geeks 🙂
man, I just missed this one!