Has anyone ever built, or seen built, a developer ...
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Has anyone ever built, or seen built, a developer user journey map? Or a developer value stream map? My thinking is to map the journey, overlay it with recorded metrics throughout the journey (where possible) and conduct user research to get qualitative research insights into pains and gains. Has this been done before? Is there a better way that people know of? Appreciate any thoughts. Thank you.
I did something like this last year. I started by conducting developer interviews, and splitting up their flow into: • Local development (IDEs, developer environments such as VMs etc) • Review process (commit reviews, back-and-forths, merging) • Build process (build tooling) • Validation (QA, unit tests, CI) • Deployment (not developer-facing, but useful to have) Then I grouped developers into personas (desktop-product1, web-product1, web-product2, platform, for instance) and filled in the table based on the journey split above.^ The next bit was instrumenting the flow to get metrics such as time spent in a particular phase, etc. which we are still working on. We do have some baselines though. As for qualitative feedback, we have a few feedback loops - surveys, developer champions, and user interviews. We use some of these to calculate CSAT. Hope this helps!
Oh I am really interested too as I am doing something like that at the moment. @Varun KV do you have something shareable? How do you proceed to find developers? I did some interviews in my close network but It take time to find a dev and book a slot. @Ryan Tomlinson I have some few insights so if you want we can discuss about your need to see if we have some common ideas.
@Varun KV this is brilliant and pretty much exactly what I had in mind. Love it. @jean-philippe Foures yes absolutely would love to discuss with you.
I don't have a template as such at the moment, I'll have to set them up. As for finding developers, are you referring to internal developers, or external ones? Internal: Should be easier, using your networks within the company. I started with breaking down the org structure (which isn't always easy to do at an enterprise level), and identify top-level functions I was going to need to interview. Then I worked with EMs or staff engineers at these functions to get interviews with developers. I also reached out to engineers who would respond to surveys, espcially if they had critical feedback. External: You could do a "real world" developer day, where you host focus groups, or host engineers who use your product. This may include a small compensation for their time. You can speak to the folks who are active/vocal on any external-facing forums you have - your org forums, social media, etc.
i’ve done something similar, basically what @Varun KV said
I did this talk a couple of months ago, we use Value Stream Maps pretty extensively:


@Lambros Charissis the talk is really good. Kudos 👏🏻 . Was your user journey map more detailed than what you presented? Did you map out pains, gains, insights and opportunities underneath each stage of the journey? Your approach is different to what I was thinking in that you mapped out specific areas whereas I’m thinking more broader stages of the SDLC. Did you start broad and go deeper?
I am trying to work on this as well by starting with a template in categories and writing one for each workflow or workload: