has anyone got workaround for adding loop in provi...
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has anyone got workaround for adding loop in provider resource? for example, count. I am getting this: The provider argument name "count" is reserved for use by Terraform in a future version. My use case is, i want to create multiple clusters using terraform gke cluster module. Now i am able to do that. Next step is to create kubernetes_storage_class say xfs on each cluster which can be done in terraform via
resource "kubernetes_storage_class" "xfs"
which requires kubernetes provider as :
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provider "kubernetes" {
  host                   = "https://${module.gke_cluster.host}"
  token                  = module.gke_cluster.token
  cluster_ca_certificate = module.gke_cluster.cluster_ca_cert
This part is failing. Error with above setting is:
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│ Error: Unsupported attribute
│   on <http://cluster.tf|cluster.tf> line 18, in provider "kubernetes":
│   18:   host                   = "https://${module.client_cluster.host}"
│     ├────────────────
│     │ module.client_cluster is a list of object, known only after apply
│ Can't access attributes on a list of objects. Did you mean to access attribute "host" for a specific element of the list, or across all elements of the list?
When trying with this setting:
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provider "kubernetes" {
  host                   = "https://${module.client_cluster[0].host}"
  token                  = module.client_cluster[0].token
  cluster_ca_certificate = module.client_cluster[0].cluster_ca_cert
Its working fine but this will have endpoint only of 1st cluster ( say i wanted to create 3 cluster) Now i tried adding count in provider so it can get endpoint of each created cluster:
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provider "kubernetes" {
  count                  = 3
  host                   = "https://${module.client_cluster[count.index].host}"
  token                  = module.client_cluster[count.index].token
  cluster_ca_certificate = module.client_cluster[count.index].cluster_ca_cert
This one fails as:
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The provider argument name "count" is reserved for use by Terraform in a future version.
If anyone has any experience or any workaround, please let me know. Else i have a crude way of doing this as copying pasting as many module block as many clusters we need
since you have a set of things, you want to use
instead of
Another approach might be to make a custom module, which wraps around the gke cluster module and then adds additional features that you need. In other words, make your own abstraction of what a cluster should look like (possibly with some feature toggles (input variables)). Then you have very simple instantiations of your clusters that are still configurable, but "on your own terms".
dynamic providers are not currently possible https://support.hashicorp.com/hc/en-us/articles/6304194229267-Dynamic-provider-configuration
This can be done with https://github.com/mineiros-io/terramate - let me know if you’d like to see an example 🙂