Hi everyone! My name is Handoyo, CEO of <Lyrid>, a...
# intros
Hi everyone! My name is Handoyo, CEO of Lyrid, and we help our users and developers to build, deploy and manage apps across the cloud through our Kubernetes management platform. We are new to this Platform Engineering world, but it is close to what we already do internally for ourselves and our clients. So we wrote our take on how much we believe in this future: https://www.lyrid.io/post/platform-engineering-paving-golden-paths-to-developer-efficiency While the concept is excellent, the reality (as a startup operator and supporting many other startup operators) is that adopting Platform Engineering still requires a lot of dedicated development resources that can take away time/budget from developing their core product. And it is a barrier they usually need to overcome before they can afford to adopt this approach. Nevertheless, we believe everyone can benefit from something that can break this barrier and have any developers be confident Platform Engineers and develop better products. That's why we want to learn more from the community and to be able to understand and improve our platform into something that supports this community. Thank you, and feel free to DM me to get to know us! We are constantly looking for partners that want to collaborate, provide feedback and build up the ecosystem together. Also, connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/handoyos/ I hope to get to know everyone here!