Adding to <@U051Y48NZM4> does it support brownfiel...
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Adding to @Benoît NOTERIS does it support brownfield deployment data/services migration
Hey @Arun Mohan, Mor here, solution architect at Port! 👋 Port supports any data source you want to ingest data from (either using a direct integration, a custom webhook or simply by making calls to our REST API) - so you can report from whichever environment you have, even if you are in the process of migrating from one system to another. In addition, since Port supports custom self-service actions that invoke scripts that exist in your backend, it is very easy to give your developers the power to initiate migrations on their own (of course while still keeping the correct guardrails in place). If you have any more specific questions, let me know and I’ll be happy to help 🚢 🥳