Hello everybody, very excited to be here amongst p...
# intros
Hello everybody, very excited to be here amongst platform eng experts, enthusiasts and everything in between 😄 🖖🏻 I'm the Head of Content, Events and Community at Container Solutions, based in London but working all over 🙂 Together with my team I'm also behind the WTF is Cloud Native community and I'd love to get to know as many of you as possible so we can share and learn together 🥰
Hey Carla! A fellow community manager 🙂
Hey hey 😄 We should arrange a gathering for all of us here 🎉
Love CS' content. I referenced Cloud Native Transformation several times in my previous work as a consultant.
That's great to hear @Josh Kodroff 🤩 BTW, we have the pdf of the book available for free for a limited time, if you'd like to grab another copy or give it to some else 😄 Here it is: https://www.container-solutions.com/oreilly-cloud-native-transformation-ebook