Emily Hake

05/03/2023, 7:43 PM
Hi everyone! Exciting to see all the open roles posted here. Looks like mostly long term FTE opportunities, but if anyone has any short term of project needs, we should talk! I work for a data consultancy that does all things data: data strategy, data engineering, data science, MLE, infrastructure/architecture, analytics, and visualization etc. Clients we work with include Wells Fargo, Cash App, NerdWallet, Square, Meta, Lyft, and Levi’s, among others. We do a lot of work around “data foundations,” which is essentially helping clients to build out a solid foundation by helping them choose the right stack for their needs. Most of the time we actually build the infrastructure out as well. For teams with an existing infrastructure, we do a lot of work around data quality, data observability and data lineage, essentially making sure the client’s data is trustworthy and usable. Additionally, a lot of use cases we see are either companies who are looking to modernize and move to a modern stack, or where they hire new people who come in and say “crap, our data sucks.” If anyone has a problem they need expertise to work through, let’s chat!