Hey all, how are you dealing with the increased in...
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Hey all, how are you dealing with the increased instability in GitHub? I have seen loads of posts online of people complaining about it since the beginning of this year!
We do not use github 🙂
I wonder if there is some recency bias going on here. I'd be curious to see a month by month breakdown of their uptime over the last 5 years. I remember that ~5 years ago they used to have multi-hour outages not infrequently, and then it feels like they were quite resilient for a long time.
Fair. Problem is github is way to big, so any failure looks catastrophic (as well as Cloudflare failures)
This implies Github has been stable at some point 🤣, I feel like I’ve always been dealing with instability, although it’s mostly in features like Actions which we can generally just roll with. We do have it setup so we receive all their status updates in Slack, it’s quite noisy but often the incidents are more in the vexxing category rather than service outage kind