Hi everyone, this is a gentle reminder that it's g...
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Hi everyone, this is a gentle reminder that it's good practice to include a salary range and the required location (if any) for your job ad. Money talks! 🤑 You'll get better, more relevant applications if you share that info. It's also a community service: it helps everyone understand the job market and their own worth. As an extra note, this community has grown a lot and 99% of the jobs listed are dev jobs. As a DevOps marketer who's looking 👀 I'd love to see marketing jobs in our industry listed here. I'm sure PMs, dev advocates, and sales folks would love to see those roles here too. Don't forget about us!
Thank you, Christina for this point! Super useful!
Posting this in the hope that it might be helpful to other non-devs who may be looking. There are a few communities out there that cater specifically to the needs of marketers: • MKT1 maintains _Opportunities for marketers_; • Demand Curve has a Slack community and a job board; • Cybersecurity Marketing Society has a Slack community and a job board, though most roles are shared in Slack and their weekly newsletter; • CNCF’s job board, which is DevOps focused, will sometimes have the occasional job ad for a marketer (like this expired one from Feb). They have a Slack community as well. HTH.