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Engineering Manager - Infrastructure • This is a technical team, so recent tech leads and new managers are encouraged! • Reach out to me directly if you have questions. What You’ll Do • Collaborate with engineers and managers to develop a technical vision for infrastructure and platform engineering practices. • Build a high-performing team to execute the vision - both from within the organization and through hiring. • Mentor, manage, and support your engineers. • Work with engineering leadership to develop career pathing and manage the performance of your team • Establish quality standards and review processes and hold the team accountable. • Collaborate with other members of the engineering and product team to prioritize infrastructure projects and improvements. • Keep up with trends in AWS services, containerization, cloud infrastructure technologies, and DevOps best practices • Contribute to engineering-wide initiatives as part of the engineering management team Technical Stack • Infrastructure and orchestration: Terraform, Docker, AWS ECS • A wide array of AWS services including RDS, DynamoDB, ElastiCache • Monitoring and observability: Honeycomb, Wavefront, Bugsnag • Deployment: CircleCI, Lambda, Step Functions The compensation range for this role is $175,000 - $225,000 to be determined by level.;refId=XgdBsjk4J81vJkQRHOllCA%3D%3D&amp;trackingId=xygb5uE0%2FP1bEtfK8j8DJQ%3D%3D
Hi Eddie,
I will be a fresh graduate in December 2023. I believe my profile is suitable for this job .
I am attaching my resume. Let me know what you think about my profile.