<Datadog’s $65M/year customer mystery solved>. Any...
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Datadog’s $65M/year customer mystery solved. Anyone looking at your platform costs and try to right size?
Shameless plug, but if you are, check out ChaosSearch for log & event. Guaranteed savings at scale, unlimited retention & integration with Grafana/Datadog. If you want to know more let me know or check out our website: www.chaossearch.com (and if this is against community rules just let me know and I’ll delete)
We are looking at our platform cost, but primarily AWS at the moment (EC2). What cost tooling do you use to support decision making? Esp. for kubernetes
Been looking around, and I don't see a lot of talks on reducing costs. Might be a great opportunity if someone has been doing this.
Hi @Jelmer Borst, we typically save people around 60% on their AWS infrastructure costs. But we're an external development platform/pre-fab IDP, which may not be what you're looking for. If you're not looking for that sort of thing, have you looked at DuckBillGroup?
Hi @Jelmer Borst I am the founder of DigiUsher, a UK/Netherlands firm and we can help you with our SaaS solution. Can we speak sometime to understand your challenges and problem in details?