Hi everyone, My name is Tsahi Duek I work at <Amaz...
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Hi everyone, My name is Tsahi Duek I work at Amazon Web Services as a Principal Solutions Architect for Container technologies. In my role I’m working with customers (mainly focus on Startups across EMEA) to design their cloud environment. I’m also focusing on Platform engineering, GitOps, and any other automation processes. In my session today I’ll be covering this architecture reference using IaC & GitOps to achieve Multi-Cluster management for Kubernetes as a platform. Let me know your thoughts and questions in a 🧵 --> Enjoy your day, and thanks to the PlatformCon team for organizing this
Interesting... Just wondering if you have come across this scenario. I am using Crossplane and Flux for Infrastructure Gitops, currently doing a hub - spoke multi cluster setup. I want to provision a new cluster in a different aws account but it keeps on creating in the same account. NB: using Crossplane composition and XRDs