Hello all, Just looking for some pointers on Git-A...
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Hello all, Just looking for some pointers on Git-Actions. I have not setup Github-Actions from the scratch. If I search on google there are tonns of ways of doing it, is ther any simpler way of setting it up?
I am also new to GHA automation but I highly recommend learning about the options to make your workflows reusable. Saves a lot of time and makes things more standardized. https://docs.github.com/en/actions/using-workflows/reusing-workflows
it also promotes teams to collaborate on github actions
I would recommend finding a resource on stack-specific setup for your project. Here's an example of one for Rust code but GH will generally recommend some good starting points for a given project following this same approach.
For getting a team / company used to github action I usually start to introduce simple PR automation or similar. This is an easier learning progression than directly starting with re-usable actions / workflows … put for later setup that is the way to go
I’m not sure if you’re looking for a way to develop your own GitHub actions (the actual “action” component) or to leverage GitHub actions (workflows, actions, environment integrations, secrets, etc.). @Monika Bhardwaj I’d suggest a more detailed explanation of your use case. I’ve quite experience on it from the early days. Nowadays —if it serves as context— I’m mostly writing DaggerIO pipelines (GoSDK mostly) which works on top of GH actions/GitLab (absolutely vendor-lock free!). Happy to help if you provide more context.
Thanks @Alex T. for your reply. Yes that is correct I am looking to develop my own GitHub actions from scratch. As I have always re-used what is available and never really set it up from the start. That sounds great, if you would like me to direct towards some knowledge article or links that will be great.
I have created many shared workflow with example. you can have reference and use these one . https://github.com/clouddrove/github-shared-workflows
I’d love to chat if anyone has got experience with scaling of EC2 based self-hosted runners and management of 3rd party actions usage within the workflow 😊