Hi everyone, I have been talking today about Testi...
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Hi everyone, I have been talking today about Testing Platforms https://platformcon.com/talks/testing-platforms Let me know if you have any questions. And if you are into testing and quality assurance join #qualityassurance 🙂 In my talk I'm mentioning my favorite testing framework www.robotframework.com and an open source project my colleagues and I are heavily contributing to, which allows testing via the Kubernetes API. https://github.com/devopsspiral/KubeLibrary
Thanks for the talk @Nils Balkow-Tychsen. How would you approach testing IaC for cloud provider's resources?
Thanks for asking. Essentially I'd approach testing of IaC in a similar fashion. Let's use terraform as an example here. There are some good lower level testing approaches put together here by hashicorp. From the view of an IDP, I would also focus on end 2 end testing of user stories. To automate this I would have tests exercising the terraform plan/apply/destroy hitting an test infrastructure environment and then verifications based on cloud APIs to check if the infra has been altered in the expected way.