Hey everyone! I'm Lucia, a DA at <Confluent>. I've...
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Hey everyone! I'm Lucia, a DA at Confluent. I've got a short (and hopefully sweet)

talk about Apache Kafka®

! Over a third of respondents to last year's StackOverflow survey professed a dread of learning Apache Kafka. 🦈 Nevertheless, with a curious mindset and the right resources, we have the tools to succeed in learning to use the Kafka platform. Take the plunge with me; together, we will conquer concepts like: - Events and topics, producers, and consumers - Partitions and brokers - Different configurations for producers and consumers, and how these configurations affect application behavior I'll be around for the live Q&A later, but don't let that stop you from commenting on this post with any questions you have if you can't make the time! I welcome all Kafka enthusiasts 🤗
Hey @Lucia Cerchie loved your insight into communities 🙂 and how you got into coding.
Thanks Jordan I appreciate that! How has your tech journey been going?