Hi, Would it not be great if you could combine se...
# platform-toolbox
Hi, Would it not be great if you could combine serverless experience with internal platforms to allow creating of environments as easy as possible with declarative approach? In this talk we show our approach to one-click consumption of various types of environments, from development environment typically running locally, all the way to production environment, using Kubernetes-like declarative approach with kcp and Backstage:


https://platformcon.com/talks/self-service-environments-via-declarative-apis Related links: Janus (A Red Hat sponsored community for building developer portals, built on Backstage): https://janus-idp.io/ Knative (Open-Source Enterprise-level solution to build Serverless and Event Driven Applications. Serverless Containers in Kubernetes environments.): https://knative.dev/docs/getting-started/ KubeStellar (replacing kcp-edge: Multicluster Configuration Management for Edge, Multi-Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud): https://docs.kubestellar.io/main/ Thanks, @Aleksander Slominski and @Lionel Villard
Quick KubeStellar project overview :