Hi Everyone Chuma here, happy to chat about my tal...
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Hi Everyone Chuma here, happy to chat about my talk on Terraform with OPA and ways we can improve or help you implement something similar should you find it helpfully
Hey @CHUMA CHUMA-OBI I watched your talk and you sold me into OPA. Could you go a bit deeper into how you solved the load on SREs in the GCP multi-tenancy manual control issue?
Thanks @Petra Korinne Frikowski by using OPA to automatically validate we deemed as "low risk", stuff like pubsubs, modifications to service accounts and roles (This is a GCP environment) We found that these low risk requests accounted for roughly 40% of the request changes we had to vet. So we had them run through OPA, OPA matches to the low risk, and automatically approves them empowering each tenant to make changes with confidence that OPA won't let them step on someone else's space
dunno if I cleared that up at all