Hello Friends :wave: I'm working on an Open Source...
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Hello Friends šŸ‘‹ I'm working on an Open Source tool called Paralus challenge we are trying to solve is to reduce the cognitive load from the Platform team's working on repetitive tasks including setting up RBAC, revoking permissions, pre-configuring roles across clusters, namespaces, projects, and more, access controls for their developers across clusters running in public cloud environments and/or on-premise data centers, and you can find my talk here: https://platformcon.com/talks/enable-secure-self-service-access-to-kubernetes-clusters-with-paralus ā€¢ Here's the link to our project. ā€¢ Slack channel ā€¢

Enjoy listening to the Paralus community callā–¾

I'm also hosting a show on Cloud Native Podcast where I talk about Platform thinking, platforming kubernetes, kubernetes API as a universal control plane, design consideration for Platform teams, how to measure the success of platform and platform teams, building cloud-native architecture, and more. Tomorrow I'll be speaking to my guest and _co founder of Qovery on this topi_c,

Success Metrics for Platform and Platform Teams | Ep 80ā–¾

I'm here #rafay-at-platformcon23 and here's link to my talk, feel free to reach out for Q&A šŸ™Œ https://platformcon.com/talks/enable-secure-self-service-access-to-kubernetes-clusters-with-paralus